black box / residential stewing

by Bucket

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black box:

what’s all the fussing about? the black box will never be found in my ocean.
there’s an all u can eat feeding frenzy unfolding on my television
mouths move but they never speak
mouths move but they never speak
mouths move but they never speak to me

i’ve got my own suspicions about the demolitions in new york city
i hesitate to articulate my reservations in the hotel lobby
i’m just an actor in a movie set
i’m just an actor, i’m a little upset
i’m just an actor in a movie set with you

residential stewing:

no, you’re not a rock god
you work in a coffee shop
the crisis will continue to swell
until you get over yourself

all that existential spewing
conflicts start brewing
residential stewing
what do you think we’re doing?


released April 5, 2016
will meyer guitar/vocals
gage lyons guitar
eli salus-kleiner bass
ryan severin drums

recorded and mixed by jesse french




Bucket Hadley, Massachusetts

born in a basement and pulls most of its influence from the grumble of a broken heating system ->>>leaky brick walls and the ramble of Malkmus lyrics->>>spiky guitar lines interweaved with guttural bass and drums->>> a wall of noise with intricate glass figurines balanced on the edge. ... more

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